Crosspost: “What’s It Like to Have Celiac Disease?”

Hi! My name is Kella. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, you may not know that this isn’t my only blog. I have a blog with a very different structure and feel called Yopp! It is a social justice blog dedicated to civil rights education, elevating voices of marginalized people, and reducing oppression.

On it, you’ll find educational material, personal stories, critiques of common arguments, and recommendations for resources and courses of action regarding social justice. On Yopp! I talk a lot about my experience as a disabled and chronically ill person, which intersects with eating gluten-free and needing to cook, in a lot of ways.

I’ve published a new post on Yopp! today about my experience discovering that I had Celiac Disease and how validating it was to finally discover the reason for my stomach problems, lack of weight gain, and low energy.

I hope you’ll go and check it out and consider subscribing to Yopp! as well! From the post:

“In 2008, my boyfriend informed me that he was going gluten-free. The entire family on his mother’s side had Celiac Disease, he said, and he had always been in denial that he might have it too. But he told me going gluten-free had given him much more energy, made his stomach feel better, and helped him lose weight.

Hearing about my ongoing digestive problems, he encouraged me to try it. I was daunted by the idea of eliminating something so common from my diet, particularly when I didn’t have easy access to a grocery store or a car. But I set a goal for myself: Each meal, I would try to come up with something to eat that didn’t have gluten. I didn’t have to worry about the next meal. I’d start with this one. One meal at a time, I started the habit…”

Go read the whole thing.